male dog names

Naming Your Pet Dog

Your dog is your frisky champion of delight. As it happily pounds across your lawn or leaves fur on your sofa, the sense of companionship and security that this animal provides is exceptional.

Naming your pet develops a sense of attachment and deepens your bond of love and will give you a sense of happiness as it will gallop at three hundred miles an hour to see what you have to say when you call out for it. You will also experience a remarkable sense of belongingness when it will greet you with a huge leg-hug after you’ve returned from outside and show you how much it missed you.

All of these wonderful moments come from bonding with your special animal and the foremost step for such is to give it the right name. While naming your dog, there are various different factors to be kept in mind. The first one is that the name should not be embarrassing for your new friend rather it should make him or her feel respected and adored. To give people names to dogs is not always the best option as it could create trouble when you’re with your dog in public and you wouldn’t want every Harold to turn around and see who addressed them when you’re talking to your pup. The name should be creative and one that you came up with entirely on your own as this will not only provide you a comforting feeling of growing connection. While crafting the name, be sure to use sharp consonants as dogs are more prone to listening to high frequencies. “K”, “Sh” and “Ch” are great ways to start your dog’s name with. Secondly, try to keep the name short and only single or bi-syllable because longer names are more difficult to call out and interpret clearly.  Avoid naming your dog with words that sound similar to commands as that will make the training process difficult.

male dog names

You can also look at your adorable pet’s color and body size to determine the perfect name and be sure to try it out a couple of times before making it permanent.

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