My dog has fleas. How can I get rid of them?

My dog has fleas! How many times have dog owners uttered this phrase? Dogs get fleas often and it seems that most of the time products meant to prevent fleas are useless.

Even if you use an anti-flea pipette, a collar or a spray, you can never be 100% sure that your dog did not get fleas. That is why you must give them a checkup every once in a while, especially during the summer seasons, or if you have taken your dog on a walk in places with a lot of dogs, such as dog parks, etc.

If you notice that your dog had fleas, the best way to eliminate them quickly is to spray your dog with an anti-flea product. Buy a good quality product and spray your dog completely with the amount recommended for the size and age of your dog. The fleas will die quickly. There are also anti-flea shampoos that you can use. The problem with these shampoos is that they are a little harsh on your dog’s fur.

There are also natural remedies that you can use on your dog to kill fleas. The only natural remedy that I sincerely consider effective is removing the fleas one by one, and since your dog is like a utopia for fleas, and the eggs of the fleas would remain behind, I would not risk solely using natural remedies nor the possibility of creating a flea farm in my dog and my house.

If you know someone that has used natural remedies that work against fleas and have had positive results, we highly recommend that you send us this information so that everyone can learn from your experience and advice. One remedy that is foolproof is that if your dog is not very big and has hair that isn’t knotted up you can use special brushes to get rid of the fleas manually; you can also use the brush during the bath alongside an anti-flea shampoo. These brushes are similar to those used to get rid of lice in children. By using them with patience you can get rid of all the fleas that your dog may have.

Once you have used one of the aforementioned anti-flea treatments you will see them drop to the ground, dead (especially if your dog had a lot of them). Because of this it is ideal that you do not follow these steps inside of your house. If you have a patio or a yard, those would be better places to get rid of your dog’s fleas.


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