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Naming Your Pet Dog

Your dog is your frisky champion of delight. As it happily pounds across your lawn or leaves fur on your sofa, the sense of companionship and security that this animal provides is exceptional. Naming your pet develops a sense of attachment and deepens your bond of love and will give you a sense of happiness as it will gallop at three hundred miles an hour to see what you have… Read Article →

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My dog is coughing. Why?

All dogs, at some point or another, will cough. There are many reasons that can cause this, some more serious than others. If your dog is coughing it is important that you consider the following factors: The cough is brief and sudden: If your dog has only sneezed a couple of times it is most likely just a reaction to something your dog had smelled, such as bug spray, a… Read Article →

My dog has ticks. What should I do?

Have you noticed that your dog has ticks and are worried? Would you like to know what you should do when your dog has ticks? Every dog owner will at some point say: “my dog has ticks!” So don’t worry about it and just follow the following instructions: Make sure that your dog has ticks instead of any other type of bug. Ticks latch on to the skin and suck… Read Article →